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    Beach & Bandits loves the beach and the ocean. A few years ago we heard about the "Plastic Soup". More and more plastic waste is ending up in our oceans and seas. Due to the effects of weathering, sunlight and wave action, this plastic reduces to smaller particles. This leads to serious pollution. The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to put an end to the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans with plastics. They want to prevent even more plastics entering the sea in the future.

    With our UPF50+ "SAVE THE OCEAN" rashguard we want to support the Plastic Soup Foundation by donating 25% of every purchase. We want to make people aware of the problem and we want to involve our little bandits in the healing process of the planet. By taking our kids to the beach and let them get in touch with nature we can learn our kids that they as individuals can make good things happen. We can teach them from an early age how important their decisions, actions & choises are when it comes to helping save the oceans. What you can do on your own may seem like a drop in the bucket. But we believe that if lots of people take lots of small steps, we can make a huge difference. That's why we're offering 5 simple steps to save the oceans. They are free, family-friendly and will surely make the oceans a better place to swim in!

    5 simple steps to save the ocean

    # Reduce your use of plastic. Plastic is a major hazard for marine animals. Sea birds, seals, turtles and other animals can mistake floating plastic for foor or become tangled in it and die. Help prevent this by curbing your family's throwaway habits. Single use is abuse, so minimise the use of disposable plastics. When you must use disposable items, reuse or recycle them whenever possible.

    # Take care of the beach. Never litter & help clean up your local beaches as much as you can to help stop the flow of trash into the ocean. 

    # Buy less plastic toys

    # Learn about the ocean and how your actions have an impact. And don't forget to share what you have learned and raise the plastic soup issue at school, business, organisation, council and in politics. 

    # Use eco-friendly sunscreen when you visit the ocean and wear a rashguard. A rashguard is also very eco friendly because there are no foreign substances going in the ocean. Avoid sunscreen and other personal care products that contain plastic. These microbeads can eventually end up in our ocean. Check your bathroom and see if your personal care products contain plastic: Polyethylene (PE), Polyporpylene (PP) en Polyethylene terephtalate (PET), Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), nylon12. 

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