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Come out of your shell, go to the beach,
live in the sunshine... stay wild child!

SS 19

The greatest happiness is found in the simplest things. The smell of salty air by the ocean, the feeling of the warm sun on your face, the hug of a friend, the smile of a stranger, it's everywhere. Beach & Bandits believes the world needs more sunshine. So let's run around barefoot, get lost amongst the palm trees, watch the sunset and spread a little sunshine along the way!

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Some of our
favorite products

UPF50+ Safe
in the sun

BEACH & BANDITS loves summer and the sun and we all need Vitamin D, but like most things in life its about moderation. With childhood sunburns being the leader in causing skin cancer later in life, we need to ensure our kids are protected from the sun's harmful UV rays.

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Plastic Soup

Beach & Bandits loves the beach and the ocean. A few years ago we heard about the "Plastic Soup". More and more plastic waste is ending up in our oceans and seas. Due to the effects of weathering, sunlight and wave action, this plastic reduces to smaller particles. This leads to serious pollution.

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