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Beach and Bandits X Plastic Soup Foundation


Beach & Bandits loves the beach and the ocean. A few years ago we heard about the "Plastic Soup". More and more plastic waste ends up in our oceans and seas. The effects of weathering, sunlight and wave action reduce this plastic to smaller particles. This leads to serious pollution. The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to put an end to the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans. They want to prevent more plastic from entering the sea in the future. With our "Our ocean, our future" collection we support the Plastic Soup Foundation by donating 25% of every purchase. Thanks to your purchases, we have been able to donate more than €12,000 in recent years to support their mission.

By taking our children to the beach and bringing them into contact with nature, we can teach our children how to contribute to a cleaner world. We can teach them from an early age how important their decisions, actions and choices are when it comes to helping save the oceans. The problem is big, but the solution is simple. The less plastic we use, the less will ultimately end up in the sea. That is why below you will find 5 tips that will help you use less plastic and reduce the entry of plastic into the ocean.

Tip 1: Reduce your use of plastic

Tip 2: Take care of the beach. Don't leave any trash behind and help clean up your local beaches as much as possible.

Tip 3: Buy fewer plastic toys.

Tip 4: Learn about the ocean and the consequences of your actions.

Tip 5: Avoid sunscreen and other personal care products that contain plastic.